5 Minutes Can Multiply Your ROI 6 Times

5 Minutes Can Multiply Your ROI 6 Times

For years, Radio has provided its customers with ample amounts of research, success stories and case studies, demonstrating Radio’s efficiency and effectiveness in delivering great results for advertisers. However, when asked to quantify Radio’s ROI and compare it with other media, we have lacked a definitive, world class, single source study to answer that question.

Until now.

With Nielsen’s acquisition of Arbitron in 2013, they are now able to combine radio listening data with their massive consumer spending data to determine precisely how radio advertising impacts sales. They have cracked the code and produced a landmark single-source study which measured exactly how radio advertising impacted sales of ten major national consumer brands.

The results are outstanding. For every $1 of advertising, radio delivered an average of over $6 in sales. In fact, Advertising Age said that the study proves that radio provides an ROI double that of even the best results from recent studies of digital or TV media. And Steve Hasker, Nielsen’s President of Global Product Leadership, says that the data clearly demonstrates that consumer goods companies should be allocating more of their advertising budgets to radio.

Watch this 5-minute video summarizing this groundbreaking research.

See and hear more about this study with more video from the conference.

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